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Know Your Wardrobe

Modular Wardrobes as the name suggests, are easy-fit storage spaces, can be assembled/dissembled easily, are sleek and looks great in your bedrooms. Some of these contemporary modular wardrobes also have enhanced functionalities that acts as a space-saving measure or maximizing storage space. Modular Wardrobes are built with specific materials and finishes to make them last long and thus are easier to maintain. 

1. Materials



Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is built with a single board produced by binding together multiple wood fibres. It is a common type of engineered wood, has a smooth texture to it and offers an excellent finish when paired with a suitable laminate.

plywood 2.jpg


Plywood/Commercial Plywood is produced from a specific type of wood panel that is manufactured after being processed. Its surface is laminated and polished that gives it an excellent finish.

particle board.jpg


Particle board, also known as chipboard, is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips or jute-stick chips and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded.

2. Finishes

veneer Wardrobe


Made of thin films of real wood, Veneer is commonly used in modular kitchens and wardrobes to give it a natural look and feel. It is typically used on cabinets, tops, and doors. Veneer offers both, wood grains from real wood and the modular functionality of a modern wardrobe.

laminated WR_edited.jpg


Laminates are the most commonly used finish in any modular wardrobe and offers a great deal of durability for the price. It is usually made of plastic, an excellent substitute for natural wood that comes in a wide variety of patterns, colours and designs. Few forms include – textured, high-gloss, soft and matte.

acrylic WR.jpg


When it comes to maintenance, Acrylics are used as a more affordable alternative in wardrobes to give it the high gloss look of lacquered glass. Acrylics are prone to scratching and are durable too.

lacquer WR.jpg


Lacquer/Lacquered Glass is commonly used in wardrobes due to its high resistance to staining and ease of maintenance. It is made of high-quality glass and comes in a variety of colours. Lacquer is extremely durable as it does not fade or lose its luster over time.

3. Compartments

accessory tray 2.jpg


Accessory tray is a must element to any wardrobe with dedicated sections for belts, ties, scarves, earrings, shades etc. that keeps all your accessories organized. It can be customized with partitions modified to cater to the number, type and size of your accessories.

glass drawers WR_edited.jpg


These drawers have glass shutters which makes it easy to spot everything instead of pulling out every piece of garment/cloth from your wardrobe. Glass shutters of these drawers can be built with different types of glass such as frosted, tinted and clear.

trouser rack WR_edited.jpg


Trouser racks are the best way to hang your trousers and keep them wrinkle-free. The dimensions are just right to keep your trousers organized. They can be used in different parts of the wardrobe like dead corners to let you make the best use of empty spaces.

hanger rods WR_edited.jpg


A hanger rod is a standard section in every wardrobe. A pull-out hanger wardrobe takes this section to another level of convenience. It is designed with a mechanism that allows you to pull the hanger down to the level you need, thus easing the process.

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