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Questionnaire Form

Client Questionnaire Form

The questions being asked in this client questionnaire will help us get to know you and your choices & preferences in a better way and define exactly what it is that you expect from us. The more information we get on your specific tastes, design styles, special needs, personal preferences, and budget, the more specific our project proposal will be, and the less likely we are to completely miss the mark on what we deliver.

1. What do you love about the current design/space?

2. What do you dislike about the current design/space?

3. Are there any furnishings, decor items, collections, or sentimental art pieces you                    absolutely want to keep?

4. Can you describe the ages and characteristics of who will be using the space?

5. Do the users of this space have any hobbies or extracurricular activities that need to be      factored into the design?

6. What are your technical needs for this space?

7. What colours do you prefer? Are there any colour combinations you like?

8. What colours do you absolutely dislike or should not be used?

9. What design style(s) do you prefer?

10. What patterns/textures, if any, do you like?

11. What words would you use to describe the ideal style of the room?

12. Do you have any inspirational images you can share?

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13. What are your preferences for flooring?

14. What are your preferences for artworks?

15. Who makes the decisions on this project?

16. How involved are you planning to be with this process?

17. Do you want your design done in phases or all in one go? If in phases, please list the           rooms/areas/functionalities you’d like us to work on in order.

18. What is your budget for designing your dream space?

19. What is your preferred time frame for having this project completed?

20. What is more important to you, the budget or the end-result? 

21. Just in case we might have missed something, are there any other services that we can       help you with?

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