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Trending Styles For Living Rooms in 2022 - (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

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Today, we will take a look at the trendiest styles all over the world that are been adapted from different countries and why these styles depict the warmth and a home feeling associated with it. Let's go through each of the interior styles separately.

1. Country Style

Country designs use natural elements and basic furniture and accessories. This living room features a neutral colour palette. We can see a diagonal pattern printed on the walls, a few vintage photo frames, classic curtains on the window, and a bookshelf complementing the theme. The overall style is paired with a hint of colour alongside lamps and cushions.

2. Contemporary Style

The contemporary style focuses on the edgy arrangement of the interior and furniture, with a smart colour palette and cool patterns. Contemporary style in a way reflects your classy personality. Here in this living room, we can see a colour theme going on with a variety of different patterns. Every single element in the room has its own class. The off-white wall at the back is definitely not fading the beauty of the accessories placed at the front.

3. Modern Style

The modern design embraces a blend of modern elements. Modern style refers to a particular era, so the style and preferences keep on changing with time. This living room has so much going on yet looks so chic, the elegant accessories complement the wooden floor and ceiling so well. The blend of different colours further enhances the modern design style. This living room is the epitome of modern elegance.

4. Rustic Style

Rustic designs highlight natural finishes and outdoor fun. It retains a neutral, not-too-bright colour palette, bringing the rural elements to your home, letting nature take centre stage. This rustic living room has wooden furnishing, the window frames and doors match the wooden floor perfectly. The highlight of this room is the stone fireplace and the high ceiling. The wooden elements and the big window enhance the rustic design style even more.

5. Bohemian Style

The bohemian style mixes funky colours with a hint of edge, One can experiment endlessly with this style and bring a lot of fun to the interior. A boho style room is not just a trend but a whole mood. In this room, we can see a lot of different colours and patterns. The walls and the ceiling is kept white to highlight the pop of colours in the room. The beautiful portraits bring more funk to the background. Two completely different rugs are layered on the floor enhancing the bohemian vibe.

6. Retro Style

Retro design is all about a 90's vibe with a modern touch. Using warm lighting and pops of colour in art, furnishings and ornaments will give extreme peace and inspire happiness. In this living room, we can see classic furnishing and basic background. The greens are adding life to the room, the fireplace adds more beauty making the overall interior design style is a bit desirable.

7. Hollywood Style

The Hollywood style is associated with glam and charm. It's over the top sometimes but not losing the elegance. This living room is synonymous with glamour. This design style features gold accents, statement pieces, bold artwork and mirrorwork. classy furnishings, and a stunning gold chandelier.

8. Industrial Style

An industrial design style combines metal detailing and a shadier palette to prompt an edgy appearance. To achieve the look, many metal detailing and industrial elements are incorporated into the apartment. the walls, the ceiling and the floor all are painted in dark colours. The wheel detailing in the centre table is stealing the show.

9. Minimalist Style

Minimalism adopts a tidy and uncomplicated design. A minimalist home is very easy to clean and manage, most bachelors prefer this type of style. This style allows more space in the house eliminating the unnecessary mess. As we can see in the image, the room has simple furnishing with a light background.

10. Traditional Style

Traditional designs can be represented as graceful and classic. Seen in this living room, the wooden walls and coffered ceiling looks so traditional. The classic 'couch in the centre' can be seen here with a candle chandelier hanging on the top. The warm colour palette and the fireplace complete the style.

Hope this blog post has given you an idea about the trendiest interior ideas for your fresh residential space or renovation to be done in the near future. You can get in touch with us regarding your ideas and knowledge about the same by shooting us an email or simply texting us on Instagram.

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