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How To Setup A Perfect Home Date For V-Day

Coffered Spaces family wishes you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. If you are planning a special date night for your loved ones, this blog is exactly for you.

Do you want to make your date night private and fun? We have come up with few tips and ideas for you. *We Highly Recommend* not to book a restaurant or a cafe today and use our DIY tips for your own setup instead. Check out our Valentine’s Day inspirational ideas to design your place today!

1. First Things First - Choose A Place

Choosing a place ain't difficult. It can be your bedroom, backyard, garden, living room, balcony, terrace, or any space you love. Make sure it should be comfortable, private and suitable for a date arrangement.

2. Start Building Your Ideas

Go for a cozy tent-like structure, cover the top and leave one or all the sides open, this setup can be created on the bed or couch as well. Use sheets, curtains and cushions. Use mild fragrance, 'cause why not?

3. A Red-Coloured Theme

Use red or pink along with white as a theme for your date. This theme is the most common and a bit cliche, but most romantic and safe at the same time. Use red/pink sheets, cushions, balloons etc.

4. Decor Accessories

Include some gorgeous fairy lights in your decor, and never should you forget the major elements including balloons, rose petals, scented candles and polaroids. You can also use the throwback elements from your first date and just recreate them.

5. An Old-School Movie-Date? Of course!

Simply Cook or just order your favourite, delicious food and drinks for the date, maybe pastries and champagne, along with popcorn tubs. Add some light, romantic music to your date and get along watching romantic movies and re-living the memories.

6. Gift your partner something special

Give DIY gifts to your partner, it showcases your love and efforts beautifully. Gift chocolates and flowers if you’re out of ideas. Surprising your partner with a ring or a bracelet/necklace is another good option to make their day a special one.

That's All Folks! We will be back in no time. We would love to know about your choices of interior elements and how you like this article in the comments below. In the meantime,

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