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8 Best Comeback Designs of Retro Style

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

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Here are 8 retro home trends that are worth revisiting. Let's take a quick look at these Comeback Designs of Retro Style.

1. A Blast From The Past

Trends that made an exit decades or even centuries ago may return years later, often with a modern twist. That’s exactly the case with retro fixtures that were raved about, written off, and have now rebounded with a thoughtfully reimagined look. From floating furniture to mirrored backsplashes, here are the interior fads that are staging a comeback and are deserving of a place in your home.

2. Vintage Wall Designs

The colorful and bold prints of the 1950s, '60s, '70s, and '80s are by definition retro, but they can make a modern style statement when used judiciously throughout the home, majorly in bedrooms. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper to incorporate these period patterns on an accent wall, in a bathroom, or in any area that needs a colorful boost.

3. Hey 'Brass', You're So Golden

The obsession with stainless steel finishes is quickly becoming old news. Instead of cool, silvery metal, try warming your spaces with brass and copper alternatives. Metallic knobs and fixtures, most notable in the 1970s, offer a comforting glow that complements many kitchen and bathroom elements.

4. Flashback of the Furniture

The simplicity and clean lines of mid-century furniture are making a major resurgence in modern interiors. Easily updated with contemporary colors and features, these vintage pieces are hot commodities at thrift stores and flea markets. These furnishings embody the theme of "less is more," which works just as well in today's homes as it did when the pieces were first produced.

5. Channel The Panel

Wood paneling, that mainstay of the 1960s, has now become retro cool. While paneling has always injected texture and depth into a room, today's fresh spin on this traditional wall treatment adds an updated feel with slimmer slats, smoother surfaces, and a wealth of neutral colors to replace the harsh latex wood finishes of the past.

6. Potentially Planted

For green-thumbed individuals, houseplants have always been a home decor constant, but for others, potted plants in the home can seem more a bother than a must. While spider plants and ferns were popular accents in the 1970s, today’s leafy indoor plants are touted less as accessories than they are as healthy oxygenators and air purifiers.

7. Rugged & Raw

Over the past few years, the rugged style has made a resurgence in interiors because of its timeless appeal and indestructible materials which favored the practical, unadorned look of cast concrete, stone, and glass. Incorporate it in your home through concrete outdoor kitchens and bars, rough-hewn stone countertops, and glass-topped coffee tables to nab its unfussed elegance.

8. As Cool As These Cabinets

Shaker- and Craftsman-style cabinetry has long been a presence in many homes around the world. These cabinets showcase a simple yet functional design that can make either a classic or current statement in the kitchen. By varying your choice of wood, color, stain, and hardware, there are plenty of ways to bring this style out of the past and into your modern home.

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