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8 Ways To Incorporate Natural Fibers at Your Home.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

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Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to add breezy, textural natural fiber pieces to your home decor line-up. Jute, sisal, seagrass, bamboo, and palm pieces are here to stay for a long time. Let's see how you can incorporate these natural-fibers in your home to beautify it.

1. Natural Fiber Rattan Furniture

Bamboo and jute decor pieces are in trend for a very long time. It's time to use these fibers as furniture. Although these are slightly on the costlier side, but the elegance and vibe that it brings are worth the high price and hype.

2. Lamp Pendant Shade

Make a standout feature of your lighting with bamboo and jute pendant lamps. They are perfect for spring and summer and give an aesthetic vibe to living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and more.

3. Rugs And Wall Decor

Give a natural touch to your floor and walls by laying a natural fiber rug on the floor or hang them on the wall, they surely will add elegance to your interior. A wide range of Handmade & Colorful Jute Rugs & Carpets are available in the market, thus, choose the best for your home.

4. Elegant Storage

We have always been neglecting creative storage ideas. So, why not include elegant storage boxes made of natural fibers like bamboo, jade, seagrass for the coming season. They are trendy, elegant and are available in different sizes suitable to use in the kitchen, on dining tables, toilets and various other places.

5. Natural Fiber Plant Holders And Flower Pots

Jute and bamboo plant holders are a perfect match for your beautiful interiors, use such pots for your indoor plants, as they are low in maintenance and are handmade. They can be used both for natural and artificial planters.

6. Hang It Up With Jute

Hang your plant holders and lamp pendants with jute rope, they are the best match to compliment your overall aesthetic and natural fiber decor pieces. They are extremely inexpensive, easily available, and suitable to experiment with.

7. DIY Candle Holders

Ever thought of getting creative with pinecones? It sounds weird but pinecone crafts are real! In fact, you can DIY. The easiest way is to make a candle holder is by simply pulling apart the top of the pinecone to make it flat from the top and let a flat candle rest on the top of it. You can paint it with any colour of your choice.

8. Using Natural Textiles

Linen has its unbeatable properties to thank for its starring role as a summer fabric. The linen fiber is smooth, and linen fabric has only a small number of air pockets. Because of these features, linen gives it a pleasantly cool feeling in the interiors. In addition to this, linen offers exceptional moisture transfer properties.

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