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8 Interior Ideas for Early Summer Makeover

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Summer is right around the corner. This season gives your house a small update. If you want to bring in the fresh and bright summer vibes to match the cheerful sunshine outside, here are 8 decorating ideas for you to inspire a summer home makeover.

1. Breathable fabrics for your windows

Unlike winters, summers call for lighter and flowy fabrics, so take down all the heavy curtains and replace them with light ones or something that's suitable for summer. Opting for fine, sheer curtains gives you the privacy and still permit sunlight and air circulation. Similarly, changing your bed sheets and cushion covers into a natural and breathable fabrics work the same way.

2. More space less mess

Summers can be extremely messy, you surely don't want your home to look chaotic. Make sure there's enough space in each room for necessary air circulation for less humidity and suffocation to happen. Take out any excessive items or furniture and replace them in the storeroom.

3. Go For Exotic Tones

To enrich the natural light coming into your home, play with cool and breezy tones. Colours are extremely important to get the vibe and comfort, “blues, greens, exotic coral shades and whites are some of the trendy colours for this season.” Choose relaxing and soothing colours for your eyes.

4. Natural Accessories

Bring some natural elements into your home decor this summer. Obtaining natural features help lift the style of your space, making it feel more brighter and delicate. Try wooden accessories, bamboo baskets for fruits and storage, and natural fresh flowers instead of artificial ones.

5. Adding Up The Earthenware In Kitchen

Give your kitchen a classic touch this season. Earthen pots and crockery have a huge significance in Indian history so why not include these elements in your kitchen? Not only it has health benefits but also looks visually appealing in your kitchen. Try including more such alternative classy elements in your kitchen.

6. Summer Fragrant Candles & Oil

One of the best methods to freshen up your home is by simply bringing in the summer scents. Scented candles and oils are the best options for mild, natural summer scents that can brighten up your mood. Comprise scents that you prefer, like floral and fruity, anything you are comfortable with and you're good to go.

7. Metallic Pieces and Crockeries

Incorporate metallic details in your interior this season. These elements will reflect the rays and make your home look golden and lively. Metallic utensils hold great importance in our culture and have several health benefits. Try to include these factors into your lifestyle this coming season.

8. Shifting Floral Plants Inside

Your precious plants need extra care during summers, the best part is you can keep your outdoor plants inside the house to avoid excessive exposure of the sunlight. Make sure they are getting the necessary sunlight inside and water every day. Include various floral plants and watch them bloom inside your home and enjoy the beauty.

Hope this blog post has given you an idea about the trendiest interior ideas for your fresh residential space or renovation to be done in the near future. You can get in touch with us regarding your ideas and knowledge about the same by shooting us an email or simply texting us on Instagram.

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