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8 ideas to include plants in your home decor

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The simplest way to create a fresh and colourful interior is to use plants as decor. Plants will add greenery and freshness to your boring lifestyle. There are a ton of manners by which you can incorporate plants into your home's style, let's have a look.

1. Living in the nature

Plants are the most suitable option to add a hint of colour to your living room. You must include small and large plants to fill the empty spaces. A peace lily will look stunning on your coffee table, an areca palm will amuse the large corners. For beginners, the living room is the best place to start with.

2) Wake up to the magnificence of greens

A bedroom must give you comfort and peace, after all, you spend most of the time here. Enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your bedroom by placing a plant by the window. Bedrooms often include soft furnishings, and adding a few plants will bring energy and freshness.

3) Books and greens

Add some greenery to your study room. Place a few miniature plants on the bookshelf and study desk. It will help you increase your concentration span, and bring positive energy to the room. Adding plants to your boring study room will make it look lively.

4) Build a paradise under the sky

Give your balcony or terrace a green makeover. You can get a variety of outdoor plants of your choice. Holy basil (tulsi), veggies, cactus and colourful flowers are a few options to consider. You can go for high maintenance plants like lotus and water lilies.

5) Get fresh in the wildlife

The bathroom is not a place that particularly comes into your mind to include plants. Many plants can flourish in the humid conditions of the bathroom and can bring an essence of nature into the room. Placing a few plants in the bathroom will add freshness to your morning shower routine.

6) Cook in the nature

A kitchen is a favourite place for all food lovers. Kitchens are usually consisting of hard and sharp surfaces. Incorporating plants in the kitchen can bring colour and soften hard surfaces. The inclusion of plants will make your kitchen more hospitable and welcoming.

7) Stairs to heaven

Stairs are probably the most boring place to be creative. You decorate the whole house but not your staircase. The easiest way is to include plants. Place a climber near the landing and let it climb to the top with the help of the railing.

8) Hang it from the ceiling

Classical hanging planters are a good way of decorating your home. Hang them from the ceiling and allow the gravity to showcase all their beauty. The best part is you can place them anywhere. If the floor doesn't have enough space, you have an option to hang them.

Hope this blog post has given you an idea about the trendiest interior ideas for your fresh residential space or renovation to be done in the near future. You can get in touch with us regarding your ideas and knowledge about the same by shooting us an email or simply texting us on Instagram. That's All Folks! We will be back in no time. We would love to know about your choices of interior elements and how you like this article in the comments below. In the meantime, If you like our content, do subscribe to our newsletter. You can write to us at: and check out our stunning website for more inspiration. Best Regards, COFFERED SPACES

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