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8 Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

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Space saving furniture has become the need of our day-to-day lives. Not only does it help you with the storage part but also due to the new and improved functionalities, it can be assembled at the places where dedicated elemental spaces aren't usually provided. Let's take a short tour about what these trending furniture are and how you can utilize them at your homes.

1. An Elevated Shoe-Rack

Shoe rack isn't regularly noticed primarily when it comes to storage-based furniture. What differs this elevated shoe rack from the regular ones is the decreased amount of space it takes to store your footwear within, with the comfort of not stressing your back while making an angular selection.

2. A Foldable Dining Table

Dining Table falls under the must-have furniture category at every household. The fact that a dining area isn't always provided makes us include this furniture in the listing. This wall-mounted dining table acts as a storage unit with dedicated cabinets for crockeries and thus saves a lot of space. When not in use, it gets mounted back to the wall acting as an artefact.

3. The Extra Storage Bed

Long gone are the days when beds just acted as a pile of wood to sleep over. With new innovations, beds can be seen as a large storage unit with enough space to fit in your non-essential things inside. A variety of different units including drawers, hydraulic lifts and cabinets can be designed with the bed for storage purposes, thus easing the process.

4. Coffee Cum Working Table

A coffee table that's multifunctional and turns into a working table, sounds like a great idea, isn't it? With the ongoing WFH trends, this idea has been possible at different levels. A mechanism has been set inside this table that helps it transform into a working table as per the user's height needed. Truly, a one of its kind.

5. A Personal Library Couch

Often it gets difficult to gather all your books at one place or shelf and you end up daydreaming of having a personal library. But guess what, now you can have your personal library in the form of a furniture where you can relax and read by picking up your favourite novel from the attached shelf. Cool, isn't it?

6. Hidden Cylindrical Dining Set

Dining table is an important furniture that consumes a lot of space around the area. Thus, an idea that has emerged to save the space is the innovation of this cylindrical furniture that opens up to a dining table along with 4 chairs surrounding it. And when not in use, it acts as a normal circular table. Truly, "Necessity is the mother of innovation".

7. Sofa Cum Bed Set

The only furniture that has seen a tremendous growth in terms of its design and functionalities and is easily known by its common household name, the 'sofa cum bed'. Its recent transformations are getting unbelievable due to the number of characteristics it possess. This above furniture transforms itself into a heightened sofa set with the attached storage shelf.

8. The Cubical Kitchen

Small homes with less available space often face difficulties with the arrangement of kitchen. This problem can be eliminated by designing a cubical kitchen that not only saves the space but also provides enough storage with the available shelves. It can be assembled in any corner of the room in order to 'make a room' for the other elements.

Hope this blog post has given you an idea about the trendiest interior ideas for your fresh residential space or renovation to be done in the near future. You can get in touch with us regarding your ideas and knowledge about the same by shooting us an email or simply texting us on Instagram.

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