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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What differs Coffered Spaces from contractors / individual    designers / studios?

Coffered Spaces is a platform that brings together a group of people that excel in the work related to interior designing. If you were to design your home interiors through a contractor/ individual designer/ studio, it would essentially mean extensive amounts of research, choosing materials, finishes and colors, sourcing furniture, coordinating with painters, carpenters, and hoards of labor. With Coffered Spaces, we give you everything you’ll ever need — from top designers, expert installation partners, designer furniture, products, reliable warranties and much more.

2. What is meant by full home design and single room design?

Full Home Design refers to designing interiors for the entire home, i.e, kitchen, bedrooms, living, dining and any other spaces in your home. This includes modular furniture, services, movable furniture and decor products.

Also, we can work with you to design a single room/part of your home, be it your modular kitchen or your living room. We suggest a consultation with a designer to get a definite answer on the budget, based on your unique scope of work.

3. Who will be working on our home project?

Coffered Spaces is proud of its diverse and strong community of top design and service partners, who will design, deliver and install your home. When you book us, you’ll be matched with a designer who will be your single point of contact through your design journey. Your designer will subsequently help select a suitable service partner for your home interiors project.

4. Do we get to check sample materials, color palettes, finishes before we make a booking?

Of course! Our designers will present you with the physical samples that are equipped with a wide range of designs, and a vast library of materials and finishes to help you understand how Coffered Spaces can remodel your home interiors, and make a knowledgeable decision of booking us.

5. How much time will it take to design our home?

Our dedicated designer will work at a pace suited best for you and your home. Design time can depend on a lot of factors; choosing the products and finishes, number of iterations, your availability, response time, etc. Your service partner will begin the work as soon as we confirm the receipt of your order confirmation payment.

At Coffered Spaces, we give you the freedom to share feedback and iterate designs several times. Invariably, it can impact the overall duration of your project. Hence, to get your final designs faster, while your designer would do their best, we would also request for your continued support.

6. Before starting off with our interior project, what should we be prepared with?


Yes, an important question. For the first design consultation, we suggest you carry your floor plan, any inspiration, and be prepared to discuss your requirements, your lifestyle and personality in detail with your designer.

We also suggest you go through our Coffered Spaces' Gallery and heart/shortlist the designs you like, so that your designer understands your preferences and needs.

We highly recommend to have an idea about your budget as it would ease the process further for both of us..

7. What needs to be expected from our design consultant?

You’ll be meeting our dedicated designer in person at the ease of your home, or a cafe, or via video / phone call whichever option is comfortable to you. You’ll be discussing your home needs, inspirations (if any), design goals, and ways to improve and utilize the space. After the consultation, your designer will share a personalized design proposal with an estimated cost. Please understand this will be a rough estimation of the cost and the final cost might vary depending on the materials, finishes and furniture which will be quoted to you before the project begins so as to build a good transparency between us. 

8. What is BOM and BOQ?

Bill of Materials (BOM) and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) are two important parts of the planning process. While BOM is related to the list of inventory, including raw materials, parts, components, etc., BOQ lists the total number of materials required to complete a project. In a way, both these go hand in hand, enhancing the planning process and reducing chances of errors and inventory shortage at a later stage that might lead to project delays.

9. Do we get to select the service partner for our project?

Based on your project requirements, we match you with a few number of Service Partners as per the budget, projected timelines and partner ratings. It is ideal and easier for your designer to make a choice on your behalf as they have prior experience working with our Service Partners. Since we invite quotes from several partners, the best price and quality is ensured for your home interiors. Although if you’d like to be involved in the selection process, please speak to your designer to know how.

10. Are the services at Coffered Spaces chargeable?

Yes, all the services at Coffered spaces are chargeable. Based on the design, scope and expertise required, the cost will vary. However, all service costs will be included in your final bill of quantities (BOQ), which is an itemized sheet of all products, furniture and services, before you confirm your order.

11. What is meant by design fee & management fee?

At Coffered Spaces, we believe in complete transparency, which is why we disclose actual product and service costs to you with no hidden costs for design and project management. Therefore, we charge a flat 7% of your project value to compensate for your designer’s time spent on design and project management.

12. Do I need to pay the amount separately to my design partner and service partner?

Certainly not. To safeguard and track your transactions, kindly make all your payments to Coffered Spaces directly. You’ll never have to make any extra/separate payments to your designer or service partner. Please talk to our officials if you ever encounter something like this.

13. Can we make the transactions via Online Payment mode?

We are happy to announce that every quotation shared with you will include an online payment link. The payment is processed through a secured PayU gateway and you can use it to pay through all major credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and wallets.

If you prefer a bank/wire transfer, kindly contact your designer for payment details.

We also provide you with an Offline payment option as below-

To opt for this method, kindly speak to your designer. All cheques or drafts must be in the favour of ________________________________________________

14. What is the criteria to cancel the order if we change our mind?

In an unlikely event that you decide to cancel your project within 7 days after paying the booking amount (10% of project value), Coffered Spaces will offer a full refund of the booking amount. However, there will be no refund on the cancellation post 7 days of paying the booking amount. 

We are stringent to this policy as each client gets access to a design team who personally works on designs and concepts for your home — putting in a lot of time and hard work — therefore, we are unable to offer a refund after 7 days of booking.

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